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How It Works

We Invest In the Redevelopment
of Property & Land Planning Process

Obtaining planning permissions for plots of land with high development potential can significantly increase their value overnight. By focusing on a stage of the homebuilding process which has often been neglected, we are able to offer market leading returns with a lower risk than “traditional” property investment.

First, we identify plots with high redevelopment potential where planning permissions are likely to be granted. By using a proprietary, data driven algorithm we have narrowed millions of potential sites in the Home Counties to around 60,000 with the highest potential. Our broad experience within housing markets, finance and local government are the foundation of our excellent track record in identifying, securing and “flipping” such sites.

After securing a site, we immediately begin an application for broader planning permissions. This process generally takes 6-12 months and is successful up to 90% of the time. Once granted, our sites can be sold to developers, housing associations and private homebuilders at a significant profit margin.

How the investment generates money

The Property Block generates revenue by entering into options to buy property from private individuals at a price higher than today’s market price.

Each option has been appraised by chartered architects as having a minimum £250,000 profit.

The £2.1M raised will be deployed across options that have been identified as having a 67-88% probability of getting planning permission.

Our forecasts are based on a conservative success rate

The UK’s average is 80-88% of planning applications being approved. The Property Block’s forecasts are based on a conservative success rate of 67% on all planning applications.

With each planning permission granted, the associated plot becomes more valuable and highly desirable to UK Property Developers or housing associations.

Selling these sites with planning at prices higher than that for which they were acquired, generates profits for the company.

Our Process

Property Investment is all in the planning...

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1. Selecting an Area

We identify plots of land with high redevelopment potential using a combination of “on the ground” research and our proprietary algorithm. This has allowed us to narrow down from millions of potential sites in the Home Counties to around 60,000.

2. Secure the Sites

We then approach land and home owners to discuss potential options. This can result in a range of outcomes from immediate sale to repurposing some or all of the available land, allowing a homeowner to release equity.

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3. Get Planning Permission

Securing planning permissions can seem a daunting task, but our legal and architectural expertise and local government relationships both speed the process and increase the success rate.

4. Sell Land at a Profit

With fresh and ongoing planning permission, our property is ready to sell. We market our properties to homebuilders and housing associations at an expected margin of 20-30% over purchase price.

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UK Average of Planning Applications Approved


Our forecasts are based on a conservative success rate of 67% on all planning applications, when in fact the UK’s average is 80-88% of planning applications being approved.

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